Una banca dati per i trattamenti Reiki alle malattie

Molti si fanno la domanda "Quali malattie e disturbi possono beneficiare della tecnica Reiki?" In realtà la risposta più sensata è "tutte le patologie". L'Energia Reiki ha lo scopo di ri-pristinare l'equilibrio psico-fisico e quindi agisce sia sull'individuo cosiddetto "sano" prevenendo i disturbi o riequilibrando piccoli/grandi deviazioni magari non ancora visibili come sintomi ma anche sull'individuo che mostra già i segni di una patologia (anche cronica). L'elenco quindi è praticamente infinito. Il Reiki va dove serve e quanto serve, la domanda quindi è mal posta. Al limite ci si può chiedere quali sono le testimonianze di applicazione del Reiki ad una determinata patologia e se esistono studi scientifici che ne hanno misurato i risultati. Nel sito Reiki Medical Research sono elencati testimonianze associate alle diverse patologie.....

Fonte: Reiki Medical Research 
Condizioni di salute
e malattie
Numero di trattamenti Reiki e periodo
Altre terapie ricevute parallelamente al Reiki
(drugs and alcohol)
not specified
reduction and elimination of shaking, pains and emotional stress
not specified
not specified
recovered (teenager)
anxiety (ref. J.W.)
4 treatments over 10 days
totally renewed
appendicitis attack (ref. J.W.)
1 treatment, 45 min.
surgery canceled
arthritis (osteo-, rheumatoid)
daily treatments for 10 months
full remission
arthritis (ref. M.L.)
bi-monthly treatments, ongoing
not specified
less pain, joints are more aligned
arthritis, several cases (ref. S.S.)
15-20 min. Reiki treatments, once-twice a month
Reiki treatments were followed by massage
decrease of symptoms
10 min. treatments every day for 5 months
not specified
cessation of symptoms
arthritis, mild (ref. L.P.)
3 treatments (40 min) every third day + 3 treatments once a week
not specified
pain free
arthritis, severe (ref. L.P.)
9 treatments (40 min) every third day
not specified
pain free
(ref. M.F.)
45 min. treatments, twice a week for 3 weeks
vitamins and herbs
(no Ritalin)
patient is well and going to college
AIDS/HIV (4 patients, ref. L.P.)
3 full-body 40-50 min. treatments (every 3rd day), followed by once a week for 2 months, then once every two weeks for 2 months, then once a month
different combination of meditation, diet, yoga, exercise, aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy. Currently all patients stopped medication.
The viral load decreases after 2 treatments, T-cells count increases after 4-5 treatments. Currently all patients have undetectable viral load, T-cell count 425-790. Two patients are working full-time, one – part-time.
(chemical, 2nd & 3rd degrees, face and neck)
self-treatments several times a day during one week
cold compresses and antibiotics in emergency room
healed with no scars or discoloration
burn, arm (2nd degree, ref. S.S.)
1 hour treatment
not specified
healed without a scar
treatments given before and after surgery
chemotherapy, radiation
less pain & faster healing after surgery, less side effects from chemotherapy and radiation
self-treatments for 2 weeks before surgery, before each chemotherapy session, during each radiation session
chemotherapy, affirmations, visualizations
less pain & fast healing after surgery, improved immune function during chemotherapy, cancer free as a result
cancer (breast, metastasized to abdomen, ref. L.W.)
1 hour treatments 3 times a week, ongoing
lessening of chemotherapy side effects, positive emotional outlook
cancer (colon)
1-2 hour treatments several times a week during last 2 weeks of life
non specified
aroused from semi-coma, peace and pain reduction, peaceful passing
daily treatments for one week
tests came negative
cancer (lung, ref. T.R.)
weekly 30 min treatments and daily 30 min distance treatments, ongoing
chemotherapy, radiation
patient is feeling more realxed and calm after hands- on treatments; requires less pain medication after distance treatments
cancer (lung, ref. L.P.)
8 daily treatments (60 min.) + distant healing for 14 days
not specified
masses gone, patient tested negative
cancer (terminal, ref. K.K.)
treatments every 2-3 days for about two months
not specified
less pain, less emotional turmoil, easier transition
cancer (lung, terminal, ref. R.L., J.W.)
not specified
easing of anxiety, facilitating peaceful passing
cancer (melanoma, ref. L.P.)
2 treatments (45 min.) spaced 3 days
not specified
biopsy negative
cancer [Bullock 1997]
(poor prognosis)
not specified
palliative radiation
not specified
total of 2 hours 20 minutes of distant treatments over 2 weeks
conventional (unspecified)
distant treatments over 3 weeks period
tests came negative
cervical dysplasia (HPV, 11 cases, ref. A.B.)
self-treatments for 1 month after Reiki Ist degree attunement
not specified
82% cure rate by DNA testing (PCR), compared to 22% cure in control group
treatments during labor
baby turning into proper birth position
1 hour treatments every 2 weeks for 2 months, followed by self treatments every day for 6 months
coma (ref. M.F.)
1 treatment, 20 min.
came out of come during Reiki treatment
chronic fatigue (ref. J.W.)
6 treatments in 9 days
more energy available
Crohn’s disease & grief over death of a husband (insomnia and significant weight loss, ref. P.S.)
1-2 treatments per week for 2 months, ongoing
not specified
calming down, sleeping better, gaining some weight and having less stomach cramping
Crohn’s disease (ref. C.A.)
1 hour weekly treatments over a month
not specified
responding well
depression (ref. L.P)
3 treatments (40 min.) every third day, 2 treatments once a week, monthly treatments
not specified
depression gone
depression (ref. S.S.)
2 x 1-hour sessions
significant improvement, feeling much better emotionally
1-2 h. table treatments, 4 times a week for 2 weeks
non specified
no longer depressed, discontinued medication, feeling renewed and happy
depression , anxiety, fatigue, back pain (ref. R.N.)
2 table treatments, 1 hour each, over 5 weeks
acupuncture, massage
immediate intensive relief of oppressiveness, ability to face and resolve emotional issues
diabetes (ref. L.P.)
3 treatments (50 min.) every 3rd day, weekly treatments for 1 month, monthly treatments for 3 months
not specified
sugar level dropped from 460 to 110
dyslexia (ref. J.W.)
three 8-min. sessions on the head
another person reading and pointing the words during treatments
normal reading ability
eye sight (ref. J.W.)
self-treatments over 6 months
required glasses one dyoptry less
(ref. R.L)
non specified
non specified
pain relief
fibromyalgia [Whitsitt 1998]
1 hour sessions, total of 11, over 10 weeks
reduction in pain, increase in mobility, improvement in nervous system, adrenal and spleen health
fibromyalgia (ref. K.K.)
daily self-treatments (30 min.) for 9 months
not specified
symptom free
(ref. C.A.)
1 hour weekly sessions for 6 weeks
not specified
responding well
heart condition (damaged tissue, ref. D.M.)
daily treatments for 1 week, distant treatments from a group of practitioners for 2 weeks
not specified
previously damaged tissue appeared normal on X-ray, no surgery was required for 70 year old patient
hypothyroidism (ref. S.S.)
monthly treatments of 1h &15 min (Reiki followed by massage) for 1 year
patient noticed improvements after 2 treatments; after a year thyroid medication was decreased due to the improvement of thyroid function
insomnia, stress-related, 2cases (ref. J.W.)
4-5 daily treatments
sleeping all night through
irritable bowel syndrome & diverticulosis for 12 years
1 x 1hour session
all pain gone since then
leukemia (blood): diagnosed one month of life left (ref. J.W.)
treatments twice a day for three months
not specified
recovered, got married and had 2 children after recovery
leukemia, acute lymphatic in 7-year-old patient (ref. K.A.)
hours of constant Reiki from mother- practitioner, 3 weeks of daily distant group Reiki treatments, Reiki applied to  chemotherapy solutions
conventional chemotherapy, totally for 2 years
remission after 3 weeks, increased creativity, good tolerance to chemotherapy, spinal injections and bone marrow tests
Lou Gherigs disease (ref. M.L.)
two treatments a month, plus distance treatments in between
not specified
patient was calmer, less stressed and depressed, peaceful passing
lupus [Whitsitt 1998]
1 hour sessions, total of 11, over 10 weeks
reduction in pain, increase in mobility, improvement in nervous system, adrenal and spleen health
mole (ref. S.S.)
several treatments of the head
mole “fell off”
migraine (ref. L.P.)
2 treatments (40 min.) spaced 3 days
not specified
pain free
migraine (ref. M.F.)
30 min. treatment
self-treatments over 1 year
multiple sclerosis (2 cases [Whitsitt 1998])
1 hour sessions, total of 11, over 10 weeks
reduction in pain, increase in mobility, improvement in nervous system, adrenal and spleen health
neck pain (ref. R.S.)
1 hour table treatments, total of 10, every 3-5 days
massage, hot pads
decrease in pain, life style changes and insights
neuropathy (leg,
ref. M.F.)
40 min. treatment
Paget’s disease (2 cases, ref. D.W.)
1 session
relief from pain and stiffness, increase in flexibility and mobility
pain [Olson 1997]
not specified
opioid therapy
significant reduction of pain
pain, back, lumbar area (ref. J.W.)
7 daily 1-hour treatments, followed by weekly treatments
improvement after 10 days, no more pain after 8 months
pain (upper back, acute, compressed vertebrae, ref. P.W.)
daily self-treatments 15-20 min. for 1 week
after first treatment pain disappeared, no pain later on
pain (from kidney stones, emergency room, ref. D.B.)
1 treatment (20 min.)
morphine effects gone, pain disappeared, nausea disappeared, released from emergency room upon request
pain (shoulders, neck and hip, ref. M.S.)
1 table treatment a week (45 min.)
emotional release, gradual decrease of pain
pain (back, ref. D.B., S.G.)
1 treatment (1 hour)
muscle relaxation and pain decrease
pain (from 2 herniated discs, L4-L5, L5-S1, ref. P.M.)
self treatments 3-5 times a week, 5-45 min. each, for 4 years)
pain medication, chiropractor
relief from pain, no need for pain medication and chiropractor, jogging 3 times a day for 15 min.
pain (severe, leg, due to back injury, pitting edema in both lower legs)
two table 15-30 min. treatments over 2-3 weeks
full body massage
less incidents of severe pain and decrease of edema
pain (liver, ref. L.P.)
1 treatment (30 min.)
pain gone
pain (toothache, ref. L.P.)
1 treatment (15 min.)
pain gone
paralysis (Guillian-Barre syndrome)
treatments 1-2 times a week during 6 months
not specified
polyps (uterus, ref. J.W.)
one 30-min. session
surgery canceled
several treatments before birth
baby born healthy
psoriasis (severe, back, arms, ref. S.S.)
3 x 1-hour treatments, 2 days apart
got 60-70% cleared
seizure, grand mal (ref. M.L.)
emergency treatment on site to the crown and the back of the head
oxygen given after the person started to calm down
treatment calmed and rebalanced the patient and assisted his exit from the seizure
(ref. M.F.)
1 h. treatments twice a week for 4 weeks
patient in remission
stone in ureter (ref. J.W.)
10 min. distant treatments for 4 days
diet, drinking 2L of water daily, hot bath on the 4th day
1.5 cm stone passed out and was no longer detected by by ultrasound
stress (ref. C.A.)
1 treatment (1 hour)
relief of stress and worry
stroke (1 year old, ref. L.P.)
3 treatments (50 min.) every third day, weekly treatments for 2 months
not specified
improvement of movements
surgery (hysterectomy)
one treatment before and one after the surgery
not specified
less anxiety before surgery, disappearance of pain & nausea after surgery
surgery (hysterectomy)
15 treatments before surgery
none before surgery
accelerated recovery
surgery (laparoscopy [Sawyer 1998])
treatments in operating room and after surgery
no pain medication
no pain after surgery, accelerated recovery
surgery (gall bladder removal, laparoscopy, ref. A.B.)
daily distant treatments for 1 week
no pain medication
no pain after surgery, fast recovery
surgery (face, ref.A.B.)
daily self-treatments over few weeks
no pain medication
fast painless recovery
thyroid goiter [Whitsitt 1998]
1 hour sessions, total of 11, over 10 weeks
reduction in pain, increase in mobility, improvement in nervous system, adrenal and spleen health
thyroid (Hashimotos Thyroiditis)
daily 1 hour self-treatments for 4 months
elimination of food allergens, self-imagery
no evidence of disease from blood test
thyroid nodule (1.2×1.6×1.3 cm in right lobule, ref. J.W.)
daily 1-hour treatments, with 15 min. over throat area, for 6 months
radiology exam showed baseness of solid nodule and no structural alterations in the right lobule
thyroid (underactive, ref. L.L.)
daily self-treatments for 30 min. for 3 mo.
thyroid function normalized
TMJ, tinnitis, mastoiditis, ref. L.S.
30 min treatments twice a week for 3 months
massage, muscule relaxants, splint, electrostimulation
dizziness significantly decreased, complete recovery from tinnitis in right ear and decrease in left ear, decreased myofacial and joint pains
trauma (brain, left hemisphere, ref. R.L)
treatments following the traumas
not specified
improvement in right side motor function
trauma (hand tendon injury, ref. R.L.)
treatments following the traumas
dramatic and rapid improvement in symptoms, fast healing
traumas (ref. A.B.)
treatments following the traumas
no swelling, little pain, fast recovery
traumas, small: burns, small cuts, sprains, headaches
treatments following the traumas
decrease in pain and discomfort, faster rate of healing
wound (deep cut, ref. L.L.)
treatment immediately after the accident
not specified
little blood loss, little pain, no swelling, fast healing
wound reepithelization rate [Wirth 1996]
not specified
acceleration of wound healing